Name's Mike.
An average 19 year old Montreal raver

Welcome to my paradise.

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"Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant"


We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?



Nero - Satisfy (Talla 2XLC INF3RNO Rework)


anonymously tell me your credit card number ill reply with what i bought

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Up and really high on speed.
I went on a binge this weekend and my body’s really giving me shit for it haha. Was pretty much up from Friday night to Monday morning before i forced myself to sleep for 2 hours because i had to go to work.
I haven’t eaten (or at least eaten properly) in 2 days tho I’ve mainly just been drinking water.

Tbh I don’t like speed as much as I used to…well I do but I always get a little sick on my comedowns which gets SO fucking annoying but wtv c’est la vie.

Still hating this apparent ketamine drought tho wtf